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       Nantong Qidong Lubrication Equipment Co.,Ltd. is the professional units for design, manufacture and marketing. It's located in the Yangtze River Delta, across the River to the international metropolis of Shanghai.
       Nantong Qidong Lubrication Equipment Co.,Ltd. is the major professional manufacturers of the Department of Mechanical Department and Ministry of Metallurgy Production of hydraulic lubrication. Introduced and transformed the Japan, Germany, Italy and other countries dry, thin oil lubrication systems and components, all kinds of pressure dry centralized lubrication oil installations and lubrication components, introduced and transformed Stauff hydraulic lubrication piping attachment, plastic tube folders, folder of aluminum alloy tube, fast connections and so on, and successfully applied to the domestic metallurgical, power, mining, construction, shipbuilding and other fields.
       The company has strong technical strength, new product development ability, and testing equipment, advanced technique and equipment. We have first-class professional and technical, reliable product quality, honest service attitude and scientific modern management to govern in the factory.
       All employees of the company warmly welcomes the broad masses of old and new friends to guide, business negotiations.

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